In the meantime, it has been more than 20 years ago that I discovered the beautiful island of Jamaica.
At that time, I did not have any idea how much this island would mean to me.

Over the years, I fell in love with the beautiful Jamaican people, the colorful culture and the breathtaking nature.

I am Kris, born in Belgium but my heart is always in Jamaica.

Being in Jamaica, I always reached out to people in need, being able to give from heart to heart, is very special, realizing that with a small gesture you can make a big impact in somebody else's life.

One joyful day in 2019, inspired by a friend, my organisation Kris Kross Jamaica was finally born! 

Our motto is 'do small things with a big heart'.

We work with a small team in Belgium and Jamaica.

Our mission is to accomplish our motto, making small differences with a big heart. 

We give thanks for our dedicated team behind the scenes in Jamaica, who work towards our people with a heart of Love.

Together we stand strong to share more love in Jamaica.

Jamaica, land we love 🇯🇲